Online marketing is not only about having a pretty website or using good-looking photos. Of course, aesthetics is one important factor, because many of us tend to quickly judge a book by its cover. It is always better to have a well-designed website.

However, without compelling content or easy-to-follow flow of information, your intended audience won’t feel connected with you nor take an action you want them to take. What is worse, the real value you or your business can offer won’t be conveyed correctly.

Then there is important factor to consider. Since website development is not a one-time shot – in other words, a successful website should be constantly evolving with content and system updates —, you should not ignore feasibility issues, such as how easy it is to maintain or update your website, how secure it is, and how seamless it integrates with other systems (newsletter application, shopping cart, accounting software, etc.)

At RK Communications Network, we tackle each project from three persectives: design, content and feasibility to ensure the development of websites that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to understand, and easy to maintain.



We are committed to helping Japanese businesses connect with audiences in the United States and/or American businesses connect with Japanese audiences. To do so, we have a pool of freelance designers, writers, programmers and social media marketers, from which we create a unique team for an individual project.

Rika Kanaoka, CEO

Mimi Scalise, CTO